ATE ハードウエアタイプ:



  • Universal Probe cards

  • Device interface board(DIB)

  • Handler Interface Boards(HIB)

  • Probe interface boards(PIB)

  • Load boards

  • Characterization Boards

  • Verigy

  • Eagle

  • Teradyne

  • LTX/Credence

  • Advantest

  • Nextest

  • Impedance matching to 50 ohm and Length matching to zero tolerance

  • Cadence Allegro, Mentor Expedition, PADS, Altium

  • Ansoft HFSS, Spectraquest with IBIS and HSPICE models

  • PCB materials, stackup, placement, and routing guidelines

  • Return loss and Insertion Loss simulation

  • Crosstalk analysis

  • Eye Diagrams for critical nets

  • Pre and Post Layout Analysis


Reference Design Development

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ATE Solutions

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Reliability Engineering & Burn-in

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Product Engineering Solutions

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Contract Manufacturing & NPI

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ODM Solutions

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